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 Cupuacu is a tropical tree related to Cocoa. Cupuacu trees usually range from 5 to 15 meters ( 16 to 50 feet ) in height. Cupuacu fruit grows in the Amazon rainforest. The brown fruits ripen in the rainy season. They are oblong in shape and are about the size of a melon. The white fruit pulp has a unique fragrance and a creamy exotic flavor. Cupuacu beans can be used as a good substitute for Cocoa because they contain a similar antioxidant profile.

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 There are many benefits of Cupuacu, most of which are chargeable to the fruit ' s markedly potent phytonutrient polyphenols, anti - oxidants, chief nutrients, vitamins and others. It is rich in antioxidants. Its usual use is by female who exposure hard births and labor pains. Used as a wish, it increases energy and stamina. Cupuacu fruit is altitudinous in vitamin C and polyphenols, including a unique type of polyphenols called theograndins. In South America, cupuacu is used to make freeze cream, sap, and unalike sweets.

 Cupuacu fruit has phytonutrient polyphenols ( theograndins ). These have a legion of nutritional benefits. Cupuacu is also hefty with vitamins B1, B2, B3 ( Niacin ), fatty and amino acids, and at early nine antioxidants ( including Vitamins A and C ). As from the cocoa family, Cupuacu also has elevated flavanoid sparkling. There are many other ingredients in the nutritional up of these rainforest fruits as well, including calcium, selenium, and others.

 Its beginning health aid is innovatory the immune system instant simultaneously supporting the body ' s competence to scrap malady. Cupuacu has a caffeine - like waves, but does not contain caffeine. Most of the benefits of Cupuacu are synergistic. For instance, the energy - boosting flak mentioned comes primarily as a finish of the fruit ' s growth of the proof system, lowering of ruddy pressure, and the body - boosting effects of the briskly - stagecraft nutrients and vitamins from the fruit.

 The hefty fleeting compounds in this Amazonian fruit are ethyl butyrate, hexanoate, 3 - methylbutanal, dimethylsulfide, dimethyldisulfide, beta - linalool and several alkylpyrazines.

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